Step 1.Signup
Signup with your email and verify account. Remember Your Privacy is Our Policy !
Step 2. Select a settings template
Select SIP settings template from server profiles list and generate QR. You can also create your own template.
Step 3. Scan or Load QR from Softphone
Download sipco softphone from playstore or appstore and scan QR to auto login.You can also choose to browse and load QR image instead of scanning.
Step 4. Manage your SIP accounts Remotely
Now you can push new configuration changes any time to your softphone users.
  • help_outline How it works ?
    This is a great tool for IP-PBX admins and end users. You can generate a QR code using predefined server templates and scan it using softphone to autologin . You can also create your own server profiles if you want to have full control over softphone settings and manage more advanced settings. Your Softphone will automatically get new changed settings using google or apple push notifications .
    1. Change brand name or Brand logo
    2. Display Balance on softphone using SIP headers or APIs
    3. Configure Vocie mail number
    4. Change audio and video codecs
    5. Setting custom SIP headers and Contact headers
    6. Extract SIP headers
    7. Setting audio and video Quality parameters
    8. Changing proxy information and Ports
    9. Changing audio and video ports
    10. Changing advanced quality parameters like audio&video jitter compression ,RTP and network settings
    11. -----There are many other settings you can provision using this portal----
  • free_breakfast Is this free Service ?
    You can download Mysoftphone or SipCo Softphone for your android & iPhone and start using it for free. You can generate softphone SIP provisioning profile and QR codes with Demo Tenplates availabe on this portal. You can genearte limited SIP QR profiles with basic settings and use this service for free. You can always contact us if you want to generate your own server profiles or more SIP profiles with advanced settings
  • border_colorCan I use softphone without need to scan a QR code?
    Yes you do not need to scan it with camera . You can download QR image picture to your phone and just use QR upload image in softphone .
  • perm_data_settingWhat is the optimal SIP configuration For better performance?
    Voice and Video quality depends on many factors like codecs you use ,NAT settings,Your internet bandwidth etc.,. This remote provisionging portal helps you to generate different test profiles and test softphone on trial and error basis . Please note that free demo accounts are limited to only default templates.
  • securityIs it secure to generate QR with my SIP username and password and share it ?
    Account information will be saved on server temporarily and not included in generated QR.If you keep your QR code information secure you do not need to worry about this issue . But still we have some security recommendations for you
    1.Set a short window of expiry time for your generated profile.This platform removes all saved account profiles from database time to time based on expiry time you set at the time of profile generation.
    2. If you do not want to enter your sip password on this platform you can leave only password field blank and generate QR code. After scanning QR code, Softphone will prompt for SIP password. All other settings can be auto provisioned. You can always contact us if you need any assistance.
  • filter_dramaI dont have a PBX. So How can I use this Service ?
    If you are looking for cloud PBX services, we can help you with that. Please contact us for a demo to test this service without PBX. You can also get a free sip account from service providers online and come back here to start using our softphone along with this provisioning service.
  • contact_phoneI have a few queries. How to contact you ?
    We love to hear from you. Mail us at [email protected] . You can reach us on +918500018686 (Whatsapp & Phonelines).
  • important_devicesI am looking for a customised softphone. Do you provide softphone customisation?
    You can contact us for any custom softphone requirement. We offer a wide range of SIP Application customistaion services.
  • important_devicesWe want to integrate this service with our PBX. Do you provide APIs ?
    Yes you can integrate APIs with your PBX to remote provision your SIP accounts/extensions. Please contact us for more details.